For health practitioners that are interested in learning how TRTP will resolve client’s trauma

Stop the Cycle of Pain! Discover A Whole New Possibility For Your Professional Practice

What if I told you, it’s entirely possible to effect radical and lasting changes in your clients – even those suffering from extreme anxiety and trauma – in just 3 sessions?

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Are you one of the many therapists out there who feels frustrated and drained when you leave the office?

Are you tired of witnessing many of your clients achieve only slow, incremental change?
Do you often find yourself wondering, “Surely there must be a faster, more effective way to help my clients?”
If any of this sounds at all familiar, then what you’re about to learn may not only provide the answers you’ve been searching for, but may also indelibly change the way you approach your professional practice.

Watch this 90 second introduction to Judith Richard’s Masterclass

Our Community

Close to 200 psychologists, psychotherapists, nurses and many other health professionals are using this radical, relatively new approach to resolving anxiety, depression, and even extreme PTSD, quickly, effectively and safely.

Our process

The Richards Trauma Process (TRTP) is seeing health practitioners achieve remarkable results with clients in just 3 sessions. AND most clients go on to live a life free from the burden of ongoing mental health issues. It’s safe, effective, elegant and fast.

Our Support

Unlike many other programs, at the completion of TRTP training, no practitioner is left to their own devices – our experienced, generous and warm professional community provides a high level of practitioner support.


TRTP does not teach clients to ‘manage’ their symptoms. Instead, TRTP resolves the trauma which keeps the symptoms of anxiety, depression and PTSD ‘locked in’. It is our mission to change how mental health is done. We are taking TRTP to many countries in 2020 and beyond. We will train thousands of practitioners across the globe.

What is TRTP? (The Richards Trauma Process)

TRTP is a revolutionary, leading edge, mind technology. It is an elegantly simple yet enormously powerful, structured, mental health process that resolves anxiety, PTSD and many other mental health issues quickly, easily and extremely effectively.

It is easy to learn, easy to use, gentle on the client and backed by a huge program of ongoing training and support, as therapists work with clients and continue to develop their knowledge and skills. Graduates are not left to simply ‘get on with it’. There is a vital, mutually supportive, extraordinary community of TRTP practitioners. The on-going support and continual professional development is second to none.

TRTP is based on the latest ‘cutting edge’ research…no drugs, no re-traumatising. In an average of just 3 sessions, TRTP can achieve extraordinary outcomes – even in cases where years of therapy, drugs and other methods have failed.

Please take a moment to watch this brief, introductory video where Judith Richards, creator of the Richards Trauma Process, explains more about this groundbreaking modality, and why it’s so profoundly transformational for practitioners and clients alike.

How Can I Become A TRTP Practitioner?

Our next round of Practitioner Training commences mid-February, with a 3-day intensive workshop delivered in Brisbane at the beginning of March. It would be wonderful to see you there and have you join our growing TRTP Practitioner Community.

We invite you to book a 20 minute Q & A Discovery Call to speak with someone from our friendly team. They can provide further details and answer any questions you have about our upcoming February/March training and 3 day intensive workshop in Brisbane.


Here’s what some of our practitioners have to say…

Book a 20 minute Q & A Discovery Call to Learn More About Working With TRTP in Your Practice

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