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Judith Richards

Creator of The Richards Trauma Process.

Judith is a person of extraordinary strengths and courage, with a history that beggars belief… a life remarkable and profound in its content and experience. Judith has an intimate understanding of trauma.  She knows it inside out, back-the-front and sideways.

So what happened to her?  Judith’s journey through life introduced her to trauma from a very young age. This paved the way to re-victimisation – further more extreme and more extensive abusive experiences as an adult. And she survived. More than that – she has thrived.

For many years she suffered extreme physical and mental illness as a result of her psychological trauma and physical injuries. AND, she never gave up. With great courage and determination, she persisted, learning and discovering that there is a way to capture a life worth living. There is a way to the other side of trauma and its myriad symptoms. The result of this journey is The Richards Trauma Process.  TRTP is fast, effective and safe. It resolves the issues of extreme trauma and is equally as effective in dealing with lower levels of anxiety, depression, fears and phobias – any issue which is trauma-related.

Judith now teaches TRTP to mental health professionals.

If you are looking for more detailed information regarding the TRTP Training program please click here.
Judith Richards: creator of TRTP for trauma treatment
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