For health practitioners that are interested in learning how TRTP will resolve client’s trauma



The Richards Trauma Process Training Program

The Richards Trauma Process resolves trauma related issues – quickly, safely and effectively, generally in 3 sessions. These trauma-related issues include PTSD, anxiety, depression etc.

The TRTP practitioner training consists of an initial intensive 8 week program, followed by 3 months of hands-on, very close support in your clinical work, using TRTP with clients.

Attending The Richards Trauma Process training program will fully equip you with all the skills and expertise which you require in order to achieve very significant outcomes.

The Richards Trauma Process program is best suited for use by experienced mental health practitioners with mature, genuine intent to support their clients.

Judith Richards, creator of The Richards Trauma Process

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The Richards Trauma Process Training Program Outline

Completion of the TRTP Training Program is just the beginning…

  • At the completion of the TRTP Training Program, new graduates are not left to ‘just get on with it.’ Instead, each new graduate who is fully engaged is generally invited to become a full member of the TRTP Practitioner Community. Here, the full power and combined wisdom of the entire community is engaged in the support of all practitioners, creating best strategies for client issues, whilst constantly reinforcing each others’ efforts. Isolation is eliminated within the TRTP Practitioner Community. TRTP practitioners report that this warm and generous on-going support and learning is one of the most outstanding and valuable aspects of TRTP training.
  • Upon joining as full members of the TRTP Practitioner Community, new graduates are invited to become Members of TRTP and as such are welcome to their own listing on the online TRTP Practitioners Directory.
  • TRTP practitioners come together in a regular one-hour weekly online video conference to engage in discussions around cases, aspects of TRTP and professional issues.
  • The practitioners also come together in our private online forum which operates 24/7, in which client issues, particularly ‘tricky’ cases are further discussed. If a practitioner has a complex case or question, peer assistance is readily available. Egos are left at the door.  Every practitioner feels safe to ask for assistance.
  • Access to our growing library of resources is available to every TRTP Practitioner Community member
  • Other possibilities are unfolding for members of the TRTP Community which include becoming mentors, teachers, and additional support roles such as research.
Trauma counselling training program
Trauma therapy training course
Training trauma therapists in the art of TRTP
Group training program in trauma counselling

Be warned – this state of the art trauma training WILL change your life.

Our graduates report this training to be transformative – personally, as well as professionally.

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