For health practitioners that are interested in learning how TRTP will resolve client’s trauma

About Judith Richards

Judith Richards is a person of extraordinary strengths and courage, with a history that beggars belief … a life so remarkable and  profound in it’s content and experience, all of which have given us the Judith Richards we know today, who wants only to share her wealth of knowledge and insight, with those who seek her out for her expertise in the field of hypnosis.

Judith is an amazing person whose journey through life has introduced her to extreme trauma from a very early age which paved the way to further more abusive experiences as an adult. And she survived.  More than that – she has thrived. In order to survive and become a whole and happy person, Judith needed to ‘save’ herself first, and with great courage and determination she persisted, learning and discovering that there is a way to capture a life worth living.

Despite her personal trauma struggles, perhaps in spite of them, Judith herself defied reason and became a classical pianist, a talented sports woman, an international business woman and a student of Sports Physiology and Psychology.

She has overcome extraordinary difficulties, and now brings a richness of understanding and an extremely acute sensitivity to the needs of those who suffer emotional traumas. Her caring, empathy and compassion that can only be brought to being from the personal experience of having ‘been there, done that’, is imparted to each person she sees in her practice.

After years of personal study, reflection and training all infused with her own life experiences, Judith now combines her discernment and insight with a kit of tools including Deep Re-imagining and Kinesiology … and an almost psychic sensitivity to help those suffering emotional trauma, phobias and depression find lasting relief from their despair.

Judith Richards techniques are cutting edge, exciting, fast … and they work!

With these same skills, Judith is also able to assist those looking to overcome addictions, achieve higher performance goals or rid themselves of a variety of health issues. Her methodology not only works for emotional traumas, it also has great success with elite sports people, those struggling to achieve a balanced weight, and smokers who wish that they had never started.

Her private, sensitive treatments are custom created for the unique needs of each and every one of her clients. The methods she uses enable her clients to achieve a successful outcome faster than almost every other approach.

Now having moved to Maleny, in the Blackall Ranges of South East Queensland, Judith has opened her practice in order to share her skills and talents with those who genuinely wish to be healed.

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