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Depression & Anxiety

Is your life being ruled by the on-going impacts and pain of past trauma?

Are depression & anxiety controlling your days and ruling your nights?

Perhaps you have sunk into ‘survival mode’ rather than living a full, rich life which may seem impossible at the moment.

Are you at a point in your life where you have given up on even allowing yourself to dream of being free from this ‘condition’?

Due to Judith’s own life’s journey, this area is of very special interest to her. She has a deep, personal understanding of the problems that occur and she regularly and successfully attends to people suffering from these issues. Here are a few stories to give you a sense of what is possible…

Success Stories …


Take, for instance, Jan – (not her real name)

Jan rang me, having realised that her behaviour was not ‘normal’. She’d confided to some girlfriends about how long it took her to leave her home. She would have to check that the stove & every power point was definitely turned off, and she had to do this many, many times until she arrived at a point where she could actually leave the house. This ‘ritual’ generally took about half an hour.

Due to past traumas, she was terribly afraid that she would burn down the house. When she did eventually leave, she would spend her time away from home obsessively worried & anxious that her house would not be safe if she was not there to stop ‘anything bad’ from happening.

This anxiety also showed itself in other behaviours – ‘checking’ on her children many times a night to make sure that they were still breathing, sleeping on the lounge instead of in her own bed, because it was between the two doorways to her children’s bedrooms and so was closer to them, obsessively worrying that ‘something bad’ was going to happen to her children.

Jan couldn’t enjoy the good times. The good times only made her more worried that disaster was just around the corner.

Jan came & saw me. After 2 appointments she was happy to report that she was free of her ‘bizarre behaviours’ and could now relax, leave the house quickly and easily after checking the stove etc. only once, sleep properly in her own bed and was now planning a holiday away with her children.


John is a returned soldier who was suffering with PTSD (Post Traumatic Stress Disorder).

John lived in ‘his cave’, having no social engagement. He trusted no one and rarely left the house in case ‘something’ happened to his only mates, his dogs. He would sleep most of the day, sitting up in his lounge chair, positioned so that nobody could ‘sneak up on’ him.

John couldn’t sleep at night as darkness brought nightmares along with a deepening of his depression and anxiety. As a result, he found it better to ‘doze’ in semi-sleep during the day. John was constantly suffering the torture of sleep-deprivation.

After seeing me for 3 appointments, he is beginning to re-engage with the world. He has reconnected with some family and past friends. He’s volunteering to help others. His ‘rage’ has gone and he can now sleep properly in his own bed. Life is getting better for John…


Bill had been sexually molested as a child … a priest who was a family friend molested him on several occasions. He had recently found out that this priest had also tried to ‘get’ his brothers. This new information had ‘brought it all back’ to Bill, who had been trying to keep his past in the past, where it belonged. An avalanche of memories had overtaken Bill, and he was finding it very difficult to cope. Deep depression had set in. He was very unsettled in his sleep, had lost focus at work and panic attacks were also taking their toll. His confidence was at an all time low, and he was unable to “get these images out of my mind!”. He was contracting into himself more and more, trusting other people less. He was on a downward spiral that was impacting on all of his relationships and threatening his marriage.

Bill came to see me. He was able to remove the pain from his memories. He can now talk about what happened, as if he’s talking about going shopping. He’s free.

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