For health practitioners that are interested in learning how TRTP will resolve client’s trauma


Trauma shakes the foundations of our understanding of life, upsets our beliefs about safety, and shatters our assumptions of trust.

There are two major groups of trauma:

1. the intense, Life-Threatening Event or Events, which we normally associate with “Trauma” or

2. another, often over-looked group of people who suffer from the effects of accumulated, less dramatic traumas which have built up throughout life.  They are often unaware that these underlying traumas are the core reason behind their current problem:

  • the years of growing up with an over-bearing, dangerous parent
  • the school life experiences of being severely bullied
  • a dysfunctional marriage
  • the high-stress work environment and resultant ‘burn-out’,
  • etc. etc.

These accumulated traumas we often dismiss and with something like, “just get on with it” – until such time as we finally hit a full stop and the pent-up trauma crashes through and it cant be ignored any longer.

All of this is best explained by the following…

For example, the 60 year old, successful businessman who could not understand why he was succumbing to more and more frequent anxiety attacks…

Judith:  ‘Have you ever experienced anything very traumatic, particularly as a child?’

Client:  ‘Well my father punched me in the face when I was a toddler and broke a lot of bones.  He was always very violent towards me.  But that was so very long ago.  I’m sure that I’m over that.  (There was more, but you get the general idea, I’m sure.)

Or the young mother who could NEVER leave her house without spending half an hour or more checking that the stove and every electricity switch was DEFINITELY turned off.  She also used to sleep on the floor between her 2 children’s rooms, in order to be closer to them in case anything went wrong.

Judith: ‘Has anything really bad ever happened to you?’

Client:  ‘No, we had a very happy upbringing.  There was the time I accidentally nearly burned our house down, but nothing bad ever happened.’

Or the morbidly obese, lovely woman, who’s weight just kept going up and up…

Judith:  ‘The job of the unconscious mind is to keep us safe.  Do you think it may be possible that your unconscious mind is keeping you safe by trying to make you look as unattractive as possible?  Could there be a reason why, even unconsciously, you don’t want to be attractive?’

Client:  ‘My father was very incestuous throughout my childhood and adolescence.  Do you think that may have something to do with it?’

Or the young man who was nearly bed-ridden because of the pain he’d been suffering since a horrific car accident in which his back had been broken. His spine was now full of all sorts of hardware, but he was officially healed, and ‘shouldn’t be in so much pain’.

When the trauma of the accident and subsequent surgery and rehabilitation were removed, his pain ‘miraculously’ disappeared.

I could just keep on with example after example.

So you see – trauma often lies beneath and is the root cause of many problems.

It doesn’t take rocket science to see that if the trauma is healed, the resulting problems will disappear… and that is what happens.

Does it take years, months or weeks to deal with it?

It generally takes up to 3 sessions, often a­­­­­­­ week apart.

Does it work? Yes.
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