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Sleep Disorders

If you suffer from teeth grinding, insomnia or other sleep disorders, you are probably experiencing some level of exhaustion in your daily life. This, in turn, compounds the problem. Sleep deprivation, or even repeated shallow sleep, compounds the underlying problems which cause your sleep disorder. Some form of ‘stress’ is usually behind your sleep issue.Thankfully, hypnosis can help.  Hypnosis has been proven in scientific studies to be very effective at allowing you to quickly relax and settle into deep, refreshing sleep.

About sleep disorders;

Teeth grinding is a subconscious response to stress – it happens during sleep which is when our subconscious is most obviously active. Hypnosis addresses your problem where it resides – with the subconscious. Teeth grinding is halted and you wake more refreshed.

Save your teeth from further damage. Wake up looking forward to your day, after a good night’s sleep. Your insomnia can become a problem of the past – contact Judith for an appointment.

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