For health practitioners that are interested in learning how TRTP will resolve client’s trauma

Performing Arts Hypnosis

You, like every performing artist, want to improve.  You know that the quality of your performance, is due to your state of mind, both in rehearsal and actual performance. Judith’s approach to hypnotherapy will give you  immediate, as well as on-going benefits to your performance.

In her work with performing artists, Judith brings a wealth of experience. She has a deep and personal understanding of the challenges you face.  She is a graduate of the Queensland Conservatorium of Music, and has worked for various state and national opera companies. 

You know how it feels when you perform from ‘in the zone’ – when you are totally ‘lost’ in the performance and can do nothing wrong.  It just happens, almost by itself…

Would it help to be able to enter that ‘zone state’ at will? Would it be of benefit to you to be able to surmount technical difficulties much more easily?

Hypnotherapy can achieve all this and more. Contact Judith for an appointment and watch/hear your performance improve.

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