For health practitioners that are interested in learning how TRTP will resolve client’s trauma


How hypnotherapy can help relieve pain.

Have you looked everywhere for a solution to your chronic or acute pain? Your pain may keep you awake at night, and impact upon so many aspects of your life… it’s exhausting.Jack was on the verge of tears when he called Judith. “Can you fix rheumatoid arthritis? My wife, who’s 80 years old, has had it for 30 years. She is in so much pain. Can you fix it?”
Judith apologised to Jack, “I can’t fix the arthritis, but we can certainly deal with the suffering. I can take the pain away, and show your wife how to be in control of it, so that she can do the same thing.”
As Judith left Jack’s house with Maggie in peaceful, agony-free sleep, Jack was once again nearly in tears – tears of relief.



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