For health practitioners that are interested in learning how TRTP will resolve client’s trauma

If what you have discovered in this Masterclass compels you to know more,

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What does the 8 week TRTP Training Program cover?

  • Experiential learning –
    It is only in personally experiencing TRTP that we know its power and possibilities.
    You will engage in TRTP Sessions 1 & 2 with your personal mentor
  • all areas of the physiology of trauma, anxiety and depression – how does the body and the brain change when someone has been impacted by trauma / distressing events?
  • why do some people get ‘stuck’ in trauma and others do not?
  • how to ascertain and change the unconscious core beliefs which drive a client’s patterns of thinking, behaviour and life events
  • how to take the emotional charge out of a client’s past traumatic / distressing events
  • how to move a client to a place of empowerment re past traumatic / distressing events (Dr Bessel Van der Kolk, Dr Peter Levine)
  • how to move a client’s body and unconscious to a place of ‘knowing’ that the events are over and ‘I’m safe now’. (Dr Bessel Van der Kolk, Dr Peter Levine, Rothschild)

Completion of the TRTP Training Program is just the beginning…

  • On completion of the TRTP Training Program, new graduates are not left to ‘just get on with it.’
    Instead, each new graduate is invited becomes a full member of the TRTP Practitioner Community. Here, the full power and combined wisdom of the entire community is engaged in the support of all practitioners, creating best strategies for client issues, whilst constantly reinforcing each others’ efforts.
    Isolation is eliminated within the TRTP Practitioner Community. TRTP practitioners report that this warm and generous on-going support and learning is one of the most outstanding and valuable aspects of TRTP training.
  • TRTP practitioners come together in a regular one hour weekly online video conference to engage in discussions around cases, aspects of TRTP and professional issues.
  • TRTP practitioners also come together in our private online forum, where client issues, particularly ‘tricky’ cases are further discussed. If a practitioner has a complex case or question, assistance is readily available.
  • In the TRTP Practitioner Community egos are left at the door.  Every practitioner feels safe to ask for assistance.
  • Access to our growing library of resources is available to every TRTP Practitioner Community member
  • In capital cities TRTP Practitioners regularly meet together to discuss TRTP and client cases.
  • Other possibilities are unfolding for members of the TRTP Community which include becoming mentors, teachers, and additional support roles such as research.

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