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Andrew Stone

Andrew Stone

Stone Wellbeing

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Clinical Hypnotherapist, TRTP™ Practitioner, Mind & Body Coach

Dip. Clinical Hypnotic Sciences, Dip. Professional Coaching, Cert. Life Coaching, Cert. Health Coaching, Yoga Breathing Coach, B. Eng. (Auck), PostGradDip. Bus. (Well)

Anxiety, work burn-out, life shocks, PTSD, stress, psychological trauma

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3 Cowderoy Place
St Kilda West, VIC 3182

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+61 423 143 664
(042) 314-3664

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I have spent over 20 years in a successful corporate career, mentoring and coaching people. During that time I was surrounded by people who were highly stressed for much of the time. Being highly stressed is not a healthy way to live. Many of us, myself included, start out in life with issues already so adding stress to this is very challenging. We take on limiting beliefs that just aren’t true.

My focus now is helping individuals resolve anxiety, work burn-out, life transitions or psychological trauma in a safe, effective way. I do this with TRTP™ therapy, which is the primary modality I practise. I help individuals who are willing to do work on themselves, who are open to the possibility of change, ready to be vulnerable and create a better life. My clients are generally, adults 30-70yo, both men and women.

Anxiety, panic attacks, depression, self-sabotage and mood swings are symptoms of past or present unresolved psychological events or situations. For some, these conditions come from a life without feeling love and connection. Instead of providing symptom management, as other therapies do, my practice is about resolution. My intention is to heal and get you well.

Using TRTP™ is especially effective at calming the emotional charge from unresolved events or situations so that the healing can begin. TRTP™ is a very structured, yet dynamic process. It includes components of Gestalt Therapy, Mindfulness, Ego-state Therapy, Choice Therapy, Cognitive Therapy, Parts Therapy, Emotion-focused Therapy, Motivational Interviewing, Dream Rehearsal Therapy and others.

I work with clients nationally and internationally. All online, one-to-one and completely confidential.

Find out how we can work together. Call / text me on 0423 143 664 or go to my website to schedule a call.

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