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By Sheree Rebel Rich, 24/11/2013



   I knew from a young age that something was wrong with me.

  At age 14 I started dropping things – glasses and plates just fell through my fingers. (My Mum thought I was doing it deliberately to get out of doing the dishes!). I became known as the klutz of the family.

  At fifteen, I fell over a lot, crashed into walls and tripped over nothing.

  At 16 the pain started. First it was in my tailbone and hips, making my back and legs ache. My family said it was normal, it was in my genes. Doctors could not find any reason for it and thought I was a whiner.

  So for the next 20 plus years I avoided doctors and looked after myself, because I thought they did not know anything. I had constant massages, spent thousands on chiropractors, tried acupuncture and physio, but the strange symptoms and the pain continued.

  Then in 2005, while I owned a 7 day fruit shop and worked a massive 80 hour week (loving every second of it!), I began to feel my upper left arm tingling. By the end of the week the pins and needles were so strong I could not stand to put my arm under the shower. My G.P diagnosed a pinched nerve, told me I worked too hard. “Just wait, it will go away,” he said.

   It did not go away. In fact it got worse. A lot worse. The pins and needles spread from my shoulder to my fingertips, I could not lift my arm, and my left shoulder hung down so I looked lopsided. Strong pain started in my shoulder and spread across my back. It felt like a carving knife was embedded between my shoulder blades. I tried to manage on over the counter pain medication but they gave little relief.

  Finally in 2007 I was sent for a spine and brain MRI. Immediately the specialist found white lesions, scar tissues from all the episodes I had endured and booked a lumbar puncture to prove or disprove multiple sclerosis.

 As soon as M.S. was mentioned I knew that was what I had. I wasn’t upset or shocked at the diagnosis, I was pleased to have a name for all the weird things I felt. And finally I could get proper medication and treatment. The problem was injecting myself with betaferon treatment three times a week only made me worse. The pain medication helped a little but I was still suffering every hour of every day. Sleeping only two hours a night made me look and feel like a zombie, our business had to be sold as I could no longer stand up and my life became a misery to endure.

  “DO YOU SUFFER WITH CHRONIC PAIN? – Hypnotherapy by Judith Richards may help.”  the advert said. It leaped off the page and my eyes devoured the information. I was only vaguely aware of hypnotherapy, but I was so desperate I was willing to try anything, so I made an appointment for the following week. Judith said she had had previous success with multiple sclerosis pain relief.

  My husband Barry drove me to Judith’s garden cottage for the treatment on the 8th Jan 2013. I hobbled in, bent over and unable to straighten up, in so much pain I was in tears, so miserable I wanted to die. Literally.

  The session with Judith lasted for around two hours and I walked out of her cottage, standing straight, with a giant smile on my face, (the first in eight years!) and began jumping around the carpark, yelling to Barry, it worked!, it worked!

  I had left my pain in her office! I could no longer feel the carving knife between my shoulders! The immense relief is really indescribable. It has now been 11 months since that treatment and the pain has not come back. Also, I have had no further M.S. episodes and I can even walk the dog! Friends are astonished at the difference in me.

I will be forever grateful to Judith for giving me back my life and the will to live it!!

If you are suffering with pain, or have any other health or mental issues, I can thoroughly recommend Judith Richards Hypnotherapy.


By Sheree Rebel Rich, 24/11/2013





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