For health practitioners that are interested in learning how TRTP will resolve client’s trauma


The Richards Trauma  January 2017 Half Day Workshops


Within this page, you will find the links to the handouts promised, at the recent half day Workshops presented by Judith Richards in Perth, Melbourne, Sydney, Adelaide and Brisbane.

Some great reading about TRTP is within the Case Studies we are collecting of real life issues that TRTP Practitioners successfully deal with on a daily basis on.
You can read them here the case studies here.

Please Note:
For those intending to join us in our February/March program, I suggest that to avoid disappointment you ensure that your enrolment is completed within the next few days.
The course will be sold out by the end of this week if not sooner.
There are definitely limited seats available.

If however you still wish to take advantage of the $500 discount Offered we are including the Perth Workshop in this offer.
The Perth Program commences Mid-March and the 3 day workshop component occurs in Perth on the 1st 2nd and 3rd of April.

Holiday Opportunity:

If you haven’t been to Perth previously this might be the moment to add on a few days to your visit…

Meander alongside the beautiful Swan River with its clear blue waters and abundant aquatic life, through Kings Park, The majestic Perth Botanical Gardens, just a short walk from the University Venue .

Visit Rottnest Island to experience some of the best beaches in the world and all that they have to offer, right on the doorstep of Perth.

Make sure you visit Historic Fremantle, a very short taxi ride to a mind dazzling array of side walk cafes, beautifully crafted convict buildings, quaint alleyways all steeped in the romance and charm of Australian cultural history.


Next programs.

The next TRTP training programs will be held in Brisbane commencing…

12th of May 2107

15th of  September 2017.
Whilst  yet to be confirmed, the first course in 2018 will commence in February 2018.

Handout Files:

There are two files to download.
1. One is a PDF file which contains all of the text based information promised, which includes the following:

2. In this 5 minute Video File, Judith summarises and re-presents the explanation for the preceding files.


Judith Presents Muscle Testing and “I choose”

We look forward to further connections with you all.


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