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Does TRTP Work?

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Does TRTP work? In this webinar, join Barry Eaton, ex-Broadcaster, as he asks the big questions… A lively panel discussion involving some of TRTPs most experienced practitioners. The Big Questions: Does it work? Were you sceptical? What is your experience as a TRTP practitioner? If you’re a Mental Health or Health Professional and would like to find out how TRTP can work for your clients, you can book a Q&A with one of our advisors by clicking here. If you are looking to undertake TRTP as a therpay, please visit our practitioner directory and get in touch with our amazing practitioners.

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Trauma Implications in Chronic Pain – Resolve the Trauma, Resolve the Pain

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Chronic pain costs the Australian economy $A73.2 billion/yr. according to Pain Australia’s Cost of Pain in Australia report at Parliament House, Canberra on Thursday, April 4, 2019.And this says nothing of the massive personal, family and community cost.Very often, in conditions such as CRPS (Complex Regional Pain Syndrome), the initial injury has healed but the pain continues. Join Judith Richards, creator of TRTP, Dr Dinah Blunt, anaesthetist with many years experience in pain clinics, and Carole Young, a physiotherapist with a career in rehabilitation. In this webinar, they discuss trauma implications in chronic pain and the often associated depression, anxiety and PTSD. Judith, Dinah and Carole have each used TRTP to resolve chronic pain. A very interesting webinar which I hope you’ll enjoy. If you are a therapist seeking to know how

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