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Karen Gray

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Be Well. Naturally.Owner
Home East London and Lonehill Johannesburg South AfricaWork Phone: +27 0713506910

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Born in Zimbabwe and growing up during a war, I spent my childhood living with the threat of danger and death and tragedy were a ‘normal’ part of life. We had to move to South Africa as a result of political pressure in my late teens and from there I went on to become a Registered Nurse, working in rural South Africa before moving to Australia, studying further and working there almost 20 years before moving to France for a seachange in 2009.

Then after moving back to South Africa in 2014 and not wanting to work within a formal medical structure any longer, but still wanting to work in healing and helping people, I found myself gravitating towards hypnotherapy. Even though I saw huge benefits in it, I wanted to do something that got to the heart of things much more quickly and directly.  My journey found me on the TRTP website one day and the concept of it appealed to me so much that I got onto a plane to Australia a few months later.

As part of the training I had to undergo TRTP with my mentor and we did it online.  I was not really sure what to expect, but I felt an immediate, subtle shift in the way I reacted to comments and behaviours from people close to me that otherwise would have triggered a reaction from me.    And a deeper all round calm internally. However, it was when I arrived back in SA a couple of weeks later that I realized just how incredibly powerful and life changing TRTP actually is.

In my twenties I had lost a child after a traumatic premature delivery and although I had grieved and felt I had completely ‘dealt’ with it, almost three decades later I was still finding it impossible to deal with accidents and traumatic situations involving children without having to take a very deep breath and steel myself against the tears and the inevitable intense anxiety I felt internally.    A week after returning from my TRTP training in Australia, I had to stop at a traumatic road accident involving a young child and I was the only medical person on the scene.   To my absolute amazement, even though things were highly traumatic and stressful, I realized as I dealt with her injuries that I felt no agitation and anxiety at all during the situation.   I was totally calm and controlled.  Not a tear in sight – either during or after I had left the scene – just a clear thinking and completely together professional.

TRTP is an incredible process which so easily and simply unlocks doors  –  some of which you didn’t even realize were closed – and without any great fuss and a minimum of time, allows a smooth transition into a calmer future.    A complete ‘defrag’ and a factory ‘re-boot’.    It is quite simply an amazing process and it really does work.

Working with:  Stress, anxiety, depression, PTSD, grief and loss, self-esteem, confidence, phobias, panic attacks and critical incident professionals.


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