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Carole Young

Photo of Carole Young
Carole Young and Associates Pty Ltd
Home Blue Mountains NSW AustraliaWork Phone: 0431-661-387Website:

Biographical Info

Carole’s passion is to help people take responsibility for themselves with selected interventions and support as appropriate. Her initial training was as a Physiotherapist and she has worked extensively for 35 years with the employers and insurance companies on employee workers’ compensation return to work programs and injury management. Carole identified a huge need for quick and effective trauma counselling to deal with the effects of workplace and motor vehicle accidents, depression and anxiety. Therefore, her main focus is now as a trauma practitioner using the TRTP approach to get outstanding outcomes.

Carole’s major interest is to work with clients to effectively deal with the effects of traumatic work or car accidents, where adjustment back into productive and satisfying life has been difficult due to chronic pain or PTSD. Carole is also keen to work with those who have eating disorders, having had personal experience of this condition in the past. Anyone who is ready to do what it takes to deal with the destructive effects of chronic stress and trauma is welcome.

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