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Home 67 Burns Bay Road Lane Cove Sydney NSW 2066 AustraliaHome Phone: 0438 355 456Website:

Biographical Info

Psychologist / Psychotherapist

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Photo of Rosemary Boon
PsychologistLearning Discoveries
Work Baulkham Hills Sydney Work Phone: 02 9637 9998Website:


Areas of Interest

Neurofeedback training, Medical Hypnosis, Diet and Nutrition for those with Learning Disabilities, ADHD, Autism, Anxiety, Depression, Head Injury, PTSD, trauma, working memory issues.

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Photo of Frances Bueno
Owner/DirectorHappy & Healthy Wellbeing Centre
Home Ground Floor Metro Hotel Suite3/522 Kingsway Miranda NSW 2228 AustraliaWork Phone: (02) 9524 2471Website:

Biographical Info

Frances Bueno has attained Diploma’s in Clinical Hypnotherapy and Neuro Linguistic Programming, The Richards Trauma Process and is an accredited member of Australian Society of Hypnotherapy (ASCH).



Clinical Hypnotherapy, Dip NLP, Quit Cigarettes, Dip Aromatherapy

If trauma, self-sabotage, low self-esteem, lack of self- control and putting everyone else’s needs before your own are holding you back from being happy, feeling in control and achieving your dream figure then my expert training can re-program your mind and free you from your internal struggles.

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Home 10 Dale Street Brookvale Sydney NSW 2100 Work Phone: 02 9905 7444

Biographical Info


15-20 years counselling experience

Helping you to be free from harmful effects of stressful events through TRTP.

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Photo of Ms Gwenda Chapman
OwnerAAA Happier Alternative
Home 665A Freemans Drive, P.O.Box 110, Cooranbong NSW 2265 AustraliaWebsite:

Biographical Info


Psychologist in private practice since 2003.
Prior to that I was a Lecturer for undergraduate degree subjects for nursing, teaching and business students in Psychology, Human Development, Child Development, Conflict Resolution, Classroom Management, Human Relationship Skills.
B Ed (Psych) M Ed Diploma of Counseling, Registered Psychologist PS0001351640, Diploma of Remedial Massage AAMT No 18110, MACE MAPS, Medicare Provider No: 2827621Y
I am a psychologist in Cooranbong (clients from Hunter Valley, Newcastle and Central Coast), specializing in The Richards Trauma Process, dealing with Stress, Anxiety and Depression. These difficulties come in many guises:
Anxiety, Assertiveness, Crisis, Depression -Unipolar or Bipolar, Emotional Distress, Loss and Grief, Palliative psychological care, Life Transitions, Fears and Phobias, Panic attacks, Post-traumatic Stress, Marital, family and Relationship problem, Sexual Abuse & Trauma and difficulties, Addictions such as Alcohol, Cannabis, Smoking cessation, personal struggle, illness, ageing and work related issues, Sleeping difficulties, eating disorders and personal growth. I assist with issues related to Victims of Crime, accidents and natural disasters.


As a psychologist I have pursued what makes a difference, gone to many courses, and read libraries of books ( many of which were unhelpful), I have learned many interventions that make a difference, but there is a deep satisfaction that is derived from being able to utilize TRTP with my clients.
I see amazing health changes, like:

(i) the young man who was off work with severe ulcerative colitis. He said his specialist indicated it was the worst he had ever seen. This young man was able to go back to work a few days after we completed the process. The process also saved his marriage, as he and his wife were separated. Both had TRTP, and now they are delightedly expecting a child together.

(ii) A father who had childhood abuse, and the sustained
Fight Flight Freeze response had led to strained relations with his son on building sites. When that was turned off he was able to reconnect with his son, and note how competent his son really was.

(iii) The alcoholic, who came to see me severely depressed. She has been sober and well ever since TRTP was completed (more than 8 months now).

(iv) The client who came severely depressed, thrown out of her own home by her husband. The process changed her life, and she is now back with her husband, travelling Australia.

(v) I was able to attract resolution on a substantial debt, that was proceeding to court as I commenced TRTP for myself. I had used all my prior strategies to resolve the debt, for 2.5 years to no avail, but 2 weeks after I found my power with TRTP , the solicitor was handing me my cheque!

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Work Orange Work Phone: (02) 6362 8349Website:


Areas of Interest

PTSD (particularly paramedics), anxiety, depression, fears & phobias, quitting smoking.

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Photo of Robert Cunningham
Director/OwnerRemind Therapies
Work 1/132 Fitzmaurice Street Wagga Wagga NSW 2650 AustraliaWork Phone: 0422 614 141Website:

Biographical Info

After my own burnout there was a drive in me to find answers that will make a difference in people who have been held back from really living by their life events. So I offer a specialised therapy tailored from my experience and understanding of the pain that can be present during these issues, that helps me get to the heart of your issue, helping you to easily and effortlessly leave it in the past, therefore letting you live your best life.

When you step into my office “This is where the magic happens”

TRTP™ Practitioner

Masters in Counselling

​Master Trainer Hypnosis

Master Practitioner Time Line Therapy®

Master Practitioner NLP

Master Practitioner Hypnotherapy

Master Practitioner NLP Coaching

Certified Narrative Therapist

Ba in Theology

Making a difference in peoples lives because they matter …. I am committed to making a difference in people’s lives by helping them see new perspectives, showing them how to reclaim their personal power, and to reveal in them a feeling of strength, confidence and a sense of self belief that they can handle anything no matter what comes their way.

As our strap line says my passion is to bring people to wholeness; because people matter, and they deserve the very best. Call today .



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Home Suite 15, 287 Military Road Cremorne NSW 2090 Work Phone: 02 99049339Website:

Biographical Info

Counselling Psychologist -Private Practice

Dip Teach

BA (Psychology)

MA (Counselling)

Certificate Counselling and Psychotherapy

Member Australian Psychological Society

Member College of Counselling Psychologists APS

General Registration with AHPRA Psychology Board of Australia and Area of Practice Endorsement – Counselling Psychology


Areas of Interest

Mood and anxiety disorders, personality disorders, trauma, PTSD, working with adult survivors of of trauma and abuse, relationship therapy, bullying, grief and loss.

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Photo of Mary Katis
DirectorClinical Hypnotherapy & Psychotherapy Newtown
Home 3/333 King Street Newtown and Sydney CBD NSW Cell Phone: 0411 287 786Skype: marykatis111@gmail.comWebsite: http://www.clinicalhypnotherapynewtown.comWebsite:

Biographical Info

Mary is Clinical Hypnotherapist and Strategic Psychotherapist professionally registered with the Australian Counselling Association & the Australian Hypnotherapy Association.   Mary holds a BA in Counselling, Dip Clin.  Psychotherapist & Hypnotherapy, majoring in Family Therapy, Addictions, Abuse, Relationships & Greif and Loss including Masters in Neurolinguistics Programming (NLP).  Professional accreditation with the International Institute of Complimentary Therapies, and Internationally Certified Reconnective Healing Facilitator.


Issues dealt with

We provide clients with solutions on emotional and psychological concerns such as performance study skills, motivation, trauma, grief & loss, confidence, relationships, anxiety, stress, including behavioural changes such as smoking, drinking, eating disorders, fears and phobias, pain and physical ailments, insomnia, Irritable bowel syndrome and much more.  We are committed to producing results with all clients, because of our high client success rate, we include unique ongoing support with our service.  Health fund rebates are also available for specific areas.

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Photo of Simonne Lee
Director of
Home Suite 102C |91 O’Sullivan Rd Rose Bay Sydney NSW 2029 Work Phone: 0414 388 365

Biographical Info

Diploma in Clinical Hypnotherapy

Certificate in Power Hypnosis

Certificate in Richards Trauma Process

Diploma in NLP

Diploma in Life Coaching

Certificate IV in Kinesiology PKP

Reiki Master

Life Strategist

· Clinical Hypnotherapist
· Life Coaching
· NLP Practitioner
· Reiki Healing


Areas of Interest

Anxiety, stress, PTSD, fears & phobias, trauma release

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Work Maroubra Work Phone: 0412 615 551Website:

Biographical Info

Mary Lynch is passionate about helping people get the most out of life. We all want to lead a great life but sometimes we just get stuck or don’t know what we need to do to make things different. Naturally curious, inquisitive and a deep thinker, Mary challenges conventional thinking and generally accepted behaviours with her unique approach to looking at the world. Through her own quest to understand what makes us who we are Mary has come to realise that things are not always what they seem on the surface and if we are prepared to dig a little deeper, we can uncover some real understanding of who we are, what we can do with our lives and start to step into what we really want for ourselves and our lives.

Through her own health challenges and the challenges of her family, Mary has developed a real passion seeking the deeper meaning of who we are. The mind and body connection helps us to understand that all good health whether it’s in our physical body or in the way that our life is, comes from within us. Our outside world is a reflection of our inwards thoughts and beliefs. When we understand what is happening within us, we are able to create a wonderful life for ourselves.

Any type of therapy is deeply persona, Mary conducts herself professionally ensuring strict confidentiality at all times. Her gentle and caring nature will support you through your journey but it that doesn’t mean that she’s a pushover! Mary has a natural connection and interest in people which immediately helps them to feel at ease and to feel supported. She has studied multiple different healing approaches which are combined during each of her sessions helping to create a deeper, richer and more robust therapy session.



Areas of Interest

Stress, Anxiety, Depression, Phobias, Children and Women issues.

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Work Northern New South Wales & Lower Gold Coast Work Phone: 0452 256 723Website:


Areas of Interest

Trauma, Anxiety & Stress Management, Depression, Weight, Stop Smoking, Fears & Phobias

Categories: New South Wales, Practitioners, Queensland
Work Sydney Cell Phone: 0422 468 888Work Phone: 02 9554 6368Website:


Areas of Interest

Women issues, domestic violence, fertility, digestive issues, trauma,  PTSD, anxiety, depression, stroke.

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Work North Turramurra NSW 2074 Work Phone: 0438 535 520

Biographical Info

I help those who feel disempowered by LIFE and live with depression, anxiety, and stress.

As part of my TRTP practitioner training my mentor took me through the TRTP process so that I could experience the benefits first hand, and also get a clear understanding of what that would feel like from the client’s perspective. It took me to a whole new level of realization in just three sessions, and was Powerful beyond words, now my clients are saying the same thing.

I recommend TRTP to all my clients who are looking for lasting change.

I am also a Reiki Master Teacher and offer Reiki as an integrative therapy treatment to enhance wellness. Reiki is a gentle hands-on healing technique with great health benefits in stress reduction and relaxation. It triggers the body’s natural healing abilities, the body moves from fright, fright, freeze to rest and digest mode, this aids in sleep and brings about inner peace. The rest and digest response are the state our body needs to cultivate in order to heal.

Does this resonate with you? Do you find it hard to put boundaries in place, live in a fog, feel worthless, say yes when you mean no, work yourself to the bone, can’t ask for help or a favour, can’t take charge, live for someone else, suffer auto-immune and gut problems, addictions, have outbursts of rage, live with constant dread, anxiety, stress, depression, and most often can’t access that predator part of our personality in order to protect yourself from bullies.


I see you.        I hear you.         I feel you.         I respect you.


Areas of Interest

Personal growth, Stress, Anxiety, and Depression.

Categories: Australia, New South Wales, Practitioners
Photo of Warwick McLelland
Clinical Psychologist / Sports Psychologist
Home 79 West High Street, Coffs Harbour NSW 2450 AustraliaWork Phone: 0407 776 675

Biographical Info

My name is Warwick. I’m a Clinical Psychologist who has been in the business of helping people heal mentally and emotionally since 2003. I have worked with clients of walks of life and of all ages, from young children all the way to clients in their 80’s. I have built a strong reputation in my local area of Coffs Harbour, to the point where word of mouth keeps the work streaming in and there is a general confidence in what I do.

As nice as it is to have a good reputation in my chosen field, what means the most to me is being a facilitator of growth and remarkable change in the lives of those I work with. The feedback I’ve received over my career suggests that many of my clients have experienced significant improvements in their psychological, emotional, and behavioural functioning as a result of the interventions I have offered. But I also realise that the methods I have used in the past have also left quite a number of clients simply accepting and ‘putting up with’ ongoing issues of anxiety, depression, trauma, and self-worth, despite my best efforts. I had come to accept also that there wasn’t anything else that could be done for these clients, and that some improvement in coping capacity was probably as good as things could get for some people. All of that changed when I was trained in TRTP…

With TRTP as my top of the line treatment approach there is now a genuine feeling every time that my clients can walk away after participating, experiencing extraordinary transformations. The attitude is no longer one of teaching my clients to simply cope and accept their symptoms and limitations. I now tell people they can clear their blocks to thriving as human being by targeting the blocks where they reside – the subconscious mind.

Providing you have an open-mind, can use your imagination, and really want the change, it is very much possible to achieve amazing results if you choose me for TRTP. And you do not need to live near Coffs Harbour because I offer this process using internet-based video consultation and it still works just as well as face-to-face consultation.

Put simply, TRTP has changed me personally and professionally in such a profound way. Now I just want to bring this powerful process to as many people as I can. So if you are ready to leave behind all that holds you back and to move towards extraordinary, please contact me.


I have a specialized interest in anxiety presentations at both clinical and sub-clinical levels. I am highly experienced and skilled in dealing with: PTSD, depression, generalized anxiety, social anxiety, phobias, autism spectrum disorders, OCD, self-worth issues, attachment issues, family/relationship issues, parenting, drug and alcohol issues, and personality disorders.

In addition to my Clinical Psychology status, I am also a qualified Sports Psychologist, and therefore skilled in consultation to athletes and clients seeking peak performance in their chosen field.

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Photo of Dr Elizabeth Middlebrook
Waratah Hypnotherapy
Work Hunter Valley Newcastle NSW 4550 AustraliaWork Phone: 0490 461 360Website: Waratah Hypnotherapy


Areas of Interest

PTSD, trauma, anxiety, depression, fears & phobias, health issues, weight issues.

Categories: New South Wales, Practitioners
Work Sydney Work Phone: 02 9427 2838Website:


Areas of Interest

Anxiety, depression, fears & phobias, weight loss.

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Photo of Tony Monaghan
Director & Lead PsychologistMen’s Mental Health
Home 188 Prospect Hwy (cnr Hope St) Seven Hills NSW 2147 Work Phone: 02 9838 7773Home Phone: 0412 994 718Website:

Biographical Info

Profession: Psychologist and Executive Coach

Hi, thanks for choosing to read about me.

The first thing you might like to know is that ‘I know what I’m doing’ – and supporting people like you is what I find most fulfilling.

I am a registered psychologist, and a member of the Australian Psychological Society (MAPS)

After a corporate career in Banking and Human Resources over 15 years, I turned back to psychology.

Since 2000, I have consulted independently to multi-nationals and small business across Asia Pacific, especially China.  Since 2010, I have invested more and more into my primary values and capabilities – how to make best use of my skills, to make the world a better place.

I have had my fair share of successes in sport and business, and have also had to face up to failures. All of this requires opening myself up (practising what I preach), accepting slowing down, re-framing my personal and family history, and taking responsibility for my own story. I have learnt to re-tell it so that its useful to me now – and you can to.

I have invested in the fields of anxiety and depression with Beyond Blue, and mostly recently with The Richards Trauma Process (TRTP). The changes people can make following TRTP, for human fulfilment, are nothing short of staggering. Feel confident to find out more about this.

In this regard, I’m here for you. Whatever we do will be safe, and will be all about learning, and creating the future you hope for.



Specialty areas:

I can assist you with anxiety, depression, suicidality, quitting from addictions, relationship stress and grief.

In parallel I support elite sports people, consult to global companies about their leadership and negotiation via workshops, consulting on special projects and executive coaching.

I’m an everyday person, making a difference. I offer both commercial and psychological insight, to help you take those steps forward, that you want to make.

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Work Wollongong Work Phone: 02 4229 2496Website:


Areas of Interest

Trauma, PTSD, anxiety, depression, fears & phobias.

Categories: New South Wales, Practitioners
Photo of Leonie O’Connell
Director/PrincipalAcademy of Therapeutic Goods
Home Chatswood & Penrith NSW Work Phone: 1300 788 909Cell Phone: 0405 682 647

Biographical Info

Leonie is a Clinical Hypnotherapist, Medical Hypnotherapist, Hypnotherapy Trainer, NLP Master Practitioner, Registered Nurse, Early Childhood Educator, TRTP Practitioner. Her areas of interests include PTSD, Phobias, Anxiety and Panic Attacks, Weight Issues, Addictive Behaviours, Quitting cigarettes and Marijuana.


No-one has to live a life controlled by overwhelming fear, anger, sadness and confusion.  These negative emotions can create many mental and physical illnesses.  We all deserve inner peace and contentment – to live a life free from the trauma and negativity from the past.  Everyone deserves a life filled with joy and happiness.  It’s our birthright.

Let me take you by the hand and gently walk you through to the other side.  It’s like stepping out of a dark tunnel and into the light at the other end.  You may feel that you could never do this alone – and you don’t have to.  Together we can release all that you no longer need to hold on to – to create a wonderful new future.

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Photo of Kris Prell
Owner of Innate Health and Healing
Work Crookwell NSW 2583 AustraliaWork Phone: 0427 932 908Website:

Biographical Info

I am a wife and mother and live on a rural property in the Southern Tablelands of NSW. Having been a Registered Nurse for 20 years and an intuitive energy healer, I relate easily to others and have an understanding and compassionate nature. My personal experience with depression, anxiety and chronic fatigue allows me to support and guide you through your own healing journey. I’ve been where you are now and I know that TRTP was instrumental in resolving my trauma at its deepest core. That’s why I am sharing TRTP with others.

My passion is to work with those of you who know that you deserve more in life than you are currently experiencing. Taking the first step to healing is hard and takes courage but it’s not nearly as hard as staying stuck where you are now. It is possible to move past the pain, the self loathing, the shame and the grief you feel. I did and you can too. I provide a respectful and caring environment in which you can safely express yourself and leave the traumas of the past behind.

I look forward to connecting with you and helping you to embrace an empowered life with more joy, harmony and balance.


Certified TRTP Practitioner

Certified Emotion Code Practitioner

Non Practising Registered Nurse

Member of the International Institute for Complementary Therapies


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Photo of Kelli Sadler
Practitioner / OwnerHealthy Life Hypnotherapy
Home Shop 5 14 Barker St Griffith ACT 2603 Cell Phone: 0457 221 525Work Fax: 02 4472 9875Website:

Biographical Info

Bachelor of Applied Science – Human Movement – Phillip Institute of Technology – Melbourne

Graduate Diploma – Psychology – Charles Sturt University – Bathurst

Diploma – Management – ETC – Coffs Harbour

Diploma – Modern Psychology – Hypnosis and NLP – The Mind Academy – Noosa


Areas of Interest

Positive Body Image and Weight release Self Esteem, Confidence and Self worth Anxiety and Depression Fear and Trauma Identity and Self Limiting beliefs Transgender support Sleep issues Financial stress Stuckness and Creating a compelling future.

Categories: New South Wales, Practitioners
Photo of Dr Shirley Schulz-Robinson
OwnerOasis Solutions
Home 35 Gordon Avenue Hamilton NSW 2303 Cell Phone: 0415266428Website:

Biographical Info

PhD, BA (hons), Dip Nursing Education, Cert Psychiatric Nursing, Cert General Nursing, Cert IV Workplace Assessment and Training, Advanced Diploma in Life Coaching, Cert IV Small Business Management, Cert Clinical Hypnosis, Credentialed Mental Health Nurse, Credentialed Marshall Goldsmith Stakeholder Coach, Associate Certified Coach (ICF), The Richards Trauma Process.

Hypnotherapist, Counsellor, Credentialed Mental Health Nurse, Educator, Life and Leadership Coach, Professional Supervisor.


Areas of Interest

Anxiety, Depression, Trauma, Chronic Pain, Chronic Illness, Phobias, Sexual Problems.

Categories: New South Wales, Practitioners
Photo of Lizzie Spencer
Owner/DirectorElizabeth Spencer and Empathy CoachingPsychotherapy, Counselling, Coaching, Teaching, Facilitation
Home Avalon Beach Sydney NSW Work Phone: 0414904658Website:

Biographical Info

I am highly qualified in psychotherapy, coaching, education and social ecology.; with a range of degrees, diplomas and certificates. I have been working in education for over 30 years and have been in private practice as a therapist and coach for 10. Please see my website to find out more.

Empowerment at home and work, psychotherapy for pain/upset/disturbance in life (we all have this, working on it disappears it faster and frees you), feeling happier, being more effective and creative.

Imagine when sand irritates an oyster and then becomes a pearl. Your struggles, when worked with by skilled therapist or coach, start to transform you. Not only do you find solutions, but you become stronger, with more access to your own wisdom and unique talents. Trauma affects everything. It is insidiously in the background. The earlier you heal trauma, the better. Step up and get the guidance you need, to transform.


Areas of Interest

Trauma, pain, disturbance in life.

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Photo of Sue Vandenberg
OwnerSV Counselling Services/ Newcastle Hypnotherapy
Home 161 Maitland Road, SV Counselling Services, Ground Floor, Ironworkers Centre Australia Mayfield NSW 2304 Cell Phone: 0421861734Website:

Biographical Info

Registered Psychiatric Nurse 1986

Diploma in Health Science (Nursing) 1992

Bachelor of Nursing 1994

Master of Nursing 2002

Credentialed Mental Health Nurse 2007-current

Certificate in Clinical Hypnosis 2013

Diploma in Clinical Hypnotherapy 2014

Master Practitioner in Indirect Hypnotherapy 2015


Member – Australian College of Mental Health Nurses

Member – Australian College of Hypnotherapists

Registered with Australian Health Practitioners Registration Agency (AHPRA)


As well as working in inpatient and community mental health settings, I have been employed as a lecturer in nursing at the University of Newcastle and taught at other tertiary institutions.

I’ve worked closely with General Practitioners since 2006 to provide mental health care and interventions for their patients.

Profession: Credentialed Mental Health Nurse, Clinical Hypnotherapist


Issues that I deal with:

Over the 10 years that I have owned my practice, I have been seeking a therapeutic approach which reliably and effectively frees people from past trauma. The demand is huge, and only limited solutions are currently available to meet this demand; most current therapy practices only achieve slow, incremental change. These current practices typically involve re-exposing clients to memories of the traumatic experience, effectively re-traumatising them.

Last year I found The Richards Trauma Process (TRTP™). I am extremely pleased with the results I’ve seen in clients whose lives were previously dominated by hopelessness and negativity. Due to the many years I have worked in the mental health field, I specialise in working with people who have diagnosed mental illnesses, including anxiety, depression, panic disorder, eating disorders, Post Traumatic Stress Disorder, Bipolar Affective Disorder, Obsessive Compulsive Disorder. I have also worked with people who have been diagnosed with personality disorder and schizophrenia.

Many clients who have had outstanding results have been seeing psychologists and other therapists for years, in an attempt to overcome their past. It is a real pleasure to be able to help these people, many of whom have been “put in the too-hard basket”.

Several client testimonials can be seen on my website.

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Photo of Carole Young
Carole Young and Associates Pty Ltd
Home Blue Mountains NSW AustraliaWork Phone: 0431-661-387Website:

Biographical Info

Carole’s passion is to help people take responsibility for themselves with selected interventions and support as appropriate. Her initial training was as a Physiotherapist and she has worked extensively for 35 years with the employers and insurance companies on employee workers’ compensation return to work programs and injury management. Carole identified a huge need for quick and effective trauma counselling to deal with the effects of workplace and motor vehicle accidents, depression and anxiety. Therefore, her main focus is now as a trauma practitioner using the TRTP approach to get outstanding outcomes.

Carole’s major interest is to work with clients to effectively deal with the effects of traumatic work or car accidents, where adjustment back into productive and satisfying life has been difficult due to chronic pain or PTSD. Carole is also keen to work with those who have eating disorders, having had personal experience of this condition in the past. Anyone who is ready to do what it takes to deal with the destructive effects of chronic stress and trauma is welcome.

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