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Roger Curtis

Roger Curtis


Professional Title

Diploma in Comunity Services – Pheonix Rising Australia (this included studying Gesalt Therapy Timeline Therapy Cranial Sacral Therapy) – 2004 Massage Therapist, Body Work therapist. 30+ years exploring wellness with clients as well as my own. Ka Huna Massage Therapist. Facilitator Training with Mettesinstitute.

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Box 3362
Driver, NT 0830

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(043) 845-0120


Biographical Info

Biographical Info

Roger is a husband, father and grandfather. He is a qualified and certified TRTP Practitioner who thoroughly enjoys working with people who are willing to participate in becoming well. 

Do you have a story that you believe to be true about who you are and how you got here? Does that story help you or hold you back? What if you could rewrite your story when it’s not working for you? I can work with you to rewire your mind and body experience so that you can be free to write a future unencumbered by self-limiting beliefs. Just imagine!!

If you’re up to evicting a Tennant (an unconscious core belief) that has never paid rent and has left your property (Mind and Body) in disrepair. Then you are ready to become all you can be? Let’s go there together to discover the truth of who you are!!

Roger looks forward to working with each client and the healing guru inherent within them.

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