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Gwen Pinnington

Gwen Pinnington

Gwen Pinnington Consulting & Coaching

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Bachelors Degree – Psychology, Business, Communications, University of Minnesota; Certified Effectiveness Coach, The Emerson Suite; Certified Trainer – Compassionate Integrity Training, Life University; Accredited Facilitator/Coach, Accredited Facilitator/Coach; Certified Practitioner, The Leadership Circle; Trauma Informed Leadership, Training; TRTP Practitioner; Council Member – Australian Compassion Council

Personal Transformation and Change; Compassion Based Leadership; Personal Effectiveness

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PO Box 855
Rosny, TAS 7018

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My work in the world is to reduce the amount of struggle and suffering and to help people stand in their highest truth.

I have been working in the ‘transformation’ space for a while, and when I discovered TRTP it brought my experience and offering of transformation to a whole other level!

I am a transformational coach, change consultant and facilitator. I work with individuals, teams and organisations to reduce suffering by increasing the amount of practiced Compassion Based Leadership in our personal lives and in our workplaces.

I am honoured to be part of the TRTP community and am privileged to do this special work with many clients around the world.

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