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Steve Gardiner

Steve Gardiner

Transformations Coaching and Hypnotherapy

Professional Title
Hypnotherapist and TRTP Practitioner

Senior TRTP practitioner and mentor, Hypnotherapist, Dimartini Facilitator, NLP Practitioner, Life Coach, BSc Agric, Msc

Depression, Anxiety, Stress, PTSD, Quit Smoking

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6 Hansen Court
Capalaba, QLD 4157

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(042) 845-7236
(042) 845-7236

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Steve was born in Zimbabwe and qualified initially as an agronomist. He was conscripted into the army as at that time Zimbabwe was in the grips of a war. He became a medic and from that got PTSD. After working in England, Solomon Islands and South Africa Steve immigrated to Australia. Whilst working as an agronomist Steve started studying personal development. He qualified as a life coach in 2008 and then discovered hypnotherapy. Steve studied this extensively and set up a business in 2008 coaching people and helping people quit smoking. He also qualified as a facilitator for Dr John Demartini and has found this work to be very helpful in his business. In 2014 Steve heard Judith Richards talk about the Richards Trauma Process. After the talk he asked to study it. Judith had not started teaching it at that time but when she started teaching TRTP Steve became her first student. Before learning TRTP Steve had to do the process. Before doing TRTP Steve went to see a film called Saving Private Ryan. Half way through the film Steve was a mess as he was being triggered and had to leave. It took him several days to recover. After doing TRTP Steve decided to try out the effectiveness of TRTP and went to see Saving Private Ryan again. Half way through the movie he thought that it was a good movie but a bit graphic. After the movie he could not believe that he had not been triggered so he went and saw the movie again, same results. Steve says he now loves watching war movies and sleeps like a baby after. Steve is now the senior mentor for TRTP and helps guide people through the training. Steve says, 'I see miraculous results every day with overcoming depression, stress, anxiety and PTSD.'


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