For health practitioners that are interested in learning how TRTP will resolve client’s trauma

Nora Mate-Toth

Nora Mate-Toth

Mate-Toth Nora

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Business and Life Coach

Economist, Szolnok University, 2004; Teacher of mathematics, Debrecen University, 1998; Teacher of German language, Debrecen University, 1998; Business and Life coach, Business and Life coach, 2016

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‘Passionate about empowering people’  ‘Result-oriented’ ‘Dedicated to helping others improve through utilizing the full potential of individuals and teams’

I have been working more than 20 years at multinational and manufacturing environments, I am an expert by experience in all areas of business. I can use my strong leadership skills also in coaching and therapy sessions by not letting the focus from the big picture and core root problems and blocks. I am  working with clients with a holistic approach and a can-do attitude.


MSc in Mathematics, German and Economics

Business and Life Coach

Lead auditor

GPOP, PXT profile analyst

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