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Nicholas Dob

Nicholas Dob

Zest Quest

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TRTP Practitioner

TRTP Practitioner
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Group Facilitator
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Kate Circuit
Rochedale, QLD 4123

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(042) 414-6005
(042) 414-6005

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I’m Nicholas Dob and I am enthusiastic about people being naturally awesome and lovable.

I am a Personal Development Coach, Trauma Therapist, Group Facilitator and Menswork Advocate with a passion for helping clients to heal their emotional, mental & physical health from past wounds which have been negatively impacting their lives.

By experiencing my own real and raw life challenges and events my existence culminated in poor health, deep depression and being estranged from my daughters….a point of total despair! With just a spark of inspiration I undertook a quest to redefine myself, rebuild my life and have more zest. Over several years I immersed myself in an exploration and education of mindset, neuroscience and personal potential to emerge with inner strength and joy.

Through this journey I have become:

  • A TRTP Therapist relieving clients from the effects of trauma and distress;
  • A Resilience Coach educating and supporting clients to take action in their own lives;
  • A Menswork Advocate supporting men as they go through their crisis, having been a part of Mens Wellbeing for many years;
  • An enthusiastic facilitator of programs for men, youth in schools and corporate settings; and
  • A promoter of my belief that Everyone Is Important And Valuable.

My desire is to share my knowledge, experience and skills through TRTP and Resilience Coaching for my clients to gain inner strength and personal freedom through self-exploration and creating a foundation of empowerment, resilience and joy to live their lives expansively.

My clients are diverse people from all walks of life who are suffering from the effects of distress caused by traumatic events, unhealthy relationships and life’s challenges. I help people suffering from Anxiety, Depression, Abuse, Poor Self-Esteem, PTSD, and Relationship Problems.

Working on the premise that physical, emotional and mental wellbeing are interlaced and not separate, I support clients to heal their inner wounding, develop empowerment and resilience and enhance their self-love.

Clients can attend my consultation room in Brisbane or online using Zoom.

With Passion and Compassion

Nicholas Dob

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