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Linda Dade

Linda Dade

Banks and Dade Chiro + Wellness

Professional Title
Doctor of Chiropractic

BChiroSc, Macquarie University, 2001; MChiro, Macquarie, 2003

TRTP, The Lifeline Technique, NeuroEmotional Technique, Chiropractor

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PO Box 555
Forster, NSW 2428

Phone Number
(026) 557-6333
(040) 203-1500

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Linda has been practicing as a chiropractor and kinesiologist for the past 18 years. Always seeing herself as the bridge between the physical pain and the emotional trauma for her many clients and the benefits of clearing the emotions has on physical health. Though achieving great results with the mix of chiro and kinesiology once she was introduced to the TRTP technique she was excited. Linda’s driving force is to assist her clients to explore their potential and embody the fullness of their life-force. Her life experience has been great and varied and the ups and downs she has enjoyed allows her the inherent trust and deep knowing to inspire curiosity in others to live their best life. Bringing together all aspects of health – emotional, spiritual, physical and nutritional –  Linda’s greatest joy is seeing her clients shift from fear to love.

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