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Dr Helen Mursell

Dr Helen Mursell

Live Mindfully

Professional Title
Clinical Psychologist

Professional Doctorate in Psychology (Clinical Child & Adolescent Specialisation) The University of Melbourne

Graduate Diploma of Social Science in Family Therapy Swinburne University of Technology & Williams Road Family Therapy Centre

Postgraduate Diploma (Psychology) The University of Melbourne

Graduate Diploma (Psychology) The University of Melbourne

Bachelor of Applied Science (Physical Education) Phillip Institute of Technology (now RMIT)

PTSD, anxiety, high achievers performance burnout and sabotage, weight management, couples

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St Kilda West, 3182
Blairgowrie, Mornington Peninsular, VIC 3942

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Having worked as a clinical psychologist for more than 20 years, I have trained in a number of modalities and enjoyed supporting clients to overcome adversity.  I always felt, however, there was something missing.  For many, the journey to wellness was long or there seemed to be residual issues lingering from the past that continued to sabotage best made efforts to find contentment and fulfilment in life.  Thanks to TRTP™, I’ve found the missing link.

TRTP™ makes me excited to go to work each day! My passion for TRTP™ came from consistently bearing witness to the transformations made possible by this dynamic and powerful process. It is empowering to have in my therapeutic tool box, a technique which has the capacity to resolve  a wide range of presentations from mild symptoms of depression, anxiety and stress to complex trauma and PTSD.  Professionally, there is nothing more satisfying than watching clients free themselves of sabotaging beliefs and thought patterns that underpin unwanted feelings and behaviours.  TRTP™ enables clients to step back into life, unimpeded by the burden of their past. That is the gift of TRTP™.

My specific interest lies in the area of optimising physical and emotional wellbeing, calming the analytical mind and reducing stress that is often associated with high performance, burnout, unrelenting standards and perfectionism.

My vision now, as a clinical psychologist and TRTP™ practitioner and mentor, is for all people to live mindfully, find contentment and enjoy a rich and meaningful life, free from undue emotional pain and discomfort.

I am both grateful and honoured to mentor and train new TRTP™ students as a way of giving back to Judith Richards for the gift she has given so many when she created TRTP™.

As a clinical psychologist, I am an accredited Medicare provider.

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