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Dee Phillips

Dee Phillips

Dee Phillips Kinesiology

Professional Title
Practitioner of Kinesiology and NLP Master Practitioner

Practitioner of The Richards Trauma Process, TRTP 2022
International Diploma of Kinesiology ICPKP, 2011
Master NLP Practitioner, TCR, 2020
Full Member: Australian Institute of Kinesiology, AIK

Woman's wellbeing and emotional health, anxiety, depression

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12 York St
Strathmore, Vic 3041

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(040) 805-7573

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Hi there, my name is Dee Phillips and I am a practitioner of The Richards Trauma Process (TRTP), PKP Kinesiology and NLP.

I love working with Mum’s and Mum’s to be, to assist them to be in the best possible place emotionally, physically and spiritually for their role as a Mother.
To assist them in releasing emotion’s and trauma held in the sub conscious.
TRTP addresses the Unconscious Core Beliefs and the patterns associated with them from distressing events.
Our brains do not know the difference between a negative and positive emotion it just knows the feeling that emotion brings and this is what creates the patterns.
Patterns are created through our innate desire to keep ourselves safe and are often limiting.
I use my experience as a Kinesiologist to access the Unconscious Core Beliefs through muscle testing. TRTP and Kinesiology go hand in hand and complement each other so well.
I then take you to a position of empowerment, freedom and homeostasis without limits.
After TRTP with me you will gain wonderful insight into who you are and why your life is the way it is and then I will guide and move you to a place of power, truth and worth of who you are as a person.

When this occurs magic happens!

Feel free to book the free strategy session, here is the link

I look forward to meeting you!

Peace and Healing,


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