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Bronwyn Smart

Bronwyn Smart

Clear Head Counselling Services

Professional Title
TRTP Therapist

TRTP Certification & Diploma of Counselling
Member: The Richards Trauma Process
Member: Australian Counselling Association
Member: International Institute of Complimentary Therapists

The spectrum of: Trauma; Rage; PTSD; Anxiety; Depression; Stress;

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Following my calling; I’ve been a counsellor/healer all my life but once officially qualified (as a mature aged person), I found that the need in Domestic and Family Violence social services continued to find me.  In that arena I found: Generational trauma; Childhood trauma; Repetitive ongoing stress cycle; Rage; PTSD; Anxiety; Depression; Alcohol and other drug abuse; Trauma induced DID/multiple personalities/BPD/schizophrenia and the sufferers and those trying to help, both pulling their hair out from lack of answers as to how to fix it and indeed wondering, if a solution did or would ever exist….

Then I found it…. TRTP… and the rest, as they say, is history…

Well, not quite yet, as we’ve got to get the word out and treat as many as are ready as soon as possible… This shit really works!


Client feedback:


Hi Bronwyn, 😍🤗

I wanted to say a huge huge thank you, your workings has done amazing things for me. I am still pinching myself with how quickly my life and my families lives have elevated! We have now relocated to Brisbane just like I envisioned for our future. Lots of relationships have changed, all of that negativity has surpassed. I am very grateful 🙏🏾

I hope you have a great year 💓 TB

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