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TRTP Trauma Training Program August 2019

August 2, 2019 @ 8:00 am - September 27, 2019 @ 5:00 pm

3-Day Intensive Workshop Module Dates:

Fri. 16th to Sun. 18th August

Workshop will be held at:

University of QLD



The face to face workshop is one of the 5 modules of the full on-line TRTP Training Program.

Commences Friday, 2nd August 2019


TRTP Summary:

The Richards Trauma Process resolves trauma related issues – quickly, safely and effectively, generally in 3 sessions. These trauma-related issues include PTSD, anxiety, depression etc.

TRTP is a leading edge, revolutionary mind technology. It is an elegantly simple yet enormously powerful mental health process that releases trauma and transforms lives quickly, easily and extremely effectively.

It is easy to learn, easy to use and is backed up with a huge program of ongoing training and support, as therapists work with clients and continue to develop their knowledge and skills.

TRTP is based on the latest ‘cutting edge’ research.  The process is easy and gentle for the client; yet extremely powerful.

In three to four sessions, TRTP can achieve amazing outcomes – even in cases where years of therapy, drugs and other methods have failed.

This process is transformative for clients and practitioners alike.

Join the next student intake of the TRTP Trauma Training Program and become part of the warm, vibrant TRTP Community of Practitioners. Use TRTP  to work with your clients to quickly create extraordinary, lasting life changes.


‘The TRTP training is transformative – not just professionally, but very much personally.’


TRTP Trauma Training Program Summary:

The TRTP Training Program is a 5 month program with 4 separate sections.
A variety of activities occur which include the following:

         Part A – 7 Week Course Program:

  1. Section 1: TRTP Sessions 1 & 2. one-on-one with your personal mentor, commencing 2/08/2019.
    You will experience the first 2 sessions of TRTP exactly as your future clients will do. Session 1 & 2 will occur prior to the face to face workshop. And yes, you will be working on your own issues. It is only through experiencing TRTP, doing our ‘own work’, that we understand its power and possibilities. There is nothing like experiential learning.
  2. Section 2: A series of Videos, Audios and Questionnaires will be provided to the student prior to the workshop in preparation for the 3 day Face To Face Workshop. This information will help lay the foundation of understanding in a progressive manner.
  3. Section 3: Three Day Intensive Workshop will be held at the University of Queensland.
    The 3 day workshop commences 14 days after the program commencement date on the 16th August 2019. By the end of this second module you WILL be able to use TRTP and work with your clients.  However, you will not be left to simply ‘get on with it’, your mentor will be there to guide and support you throughout the program. This is an exciting section of course where you will be able to connect with existing members of the TRTP team and to start building your own support networks within the TRTP community.
  4. Section 4: During this time the student will commence using TRTP with their practise clients. Each Friday following the course, for a total of 5 consecutive Fridays, students will participate in privately held group conference calls, each lasting two hours. Within these conference calls students, teachers and facilitators will discuss the cases which each of the students are having with their practise clients.  This process enables students to discuss real life issues and to be able to take the learning back to their own private practise.
    Providing further, in-depth training. Commencing 11.00 am (Eastern Standard Time) 30th August 2019.
    In addition there will be weekly small group video conference calls with your mentor – 5 x 1.5 hour calls.

    Part B – Membership of TRTP Practitioner Community for 3 months:
  5. Section 5: Importantly, you are not just left to simply ‘get on with it’. You also receive a 3 month Free Membership to the warm and generous TRTP Practitioner Community.  Students are supported by this TRTP practitioner community via further weekly video conference calls with Judith Richards, as well as on line forums and customized feedback on individual client cases.

The Richards Trauma Process Training Program is best suited for experienced health practitioners with mature, genuine intent to support their clients.

Very significant client outcomes are dependent on the individual student’s personal engagement in and understanding of the TRTP Training Program.


For full TRTP Trauma Training details Click here:



August 2, 2019 @ 8:00 am
September 27, 2019 @ 5:00 pm
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