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Case Study


Wendy Gadsby

Teenage Female experiencing Panic Attacks, Anger, Severe Anxiety, Depression, low self-esteem eating disorders.

Introduction to Client

Patient is female, 15yo. Living in Melbourne. Youngest sibling in family of four by 10+ years. History of feeling abandoned by everyone. Brothers and sisters married and left home. Father left marriage and country for a much younger woman who the patient felt he treated more like a daughter than her. Mother now considering reconciling with father overseas.

The Presenting Problem

Aggressive, not positive towards life, anger, hate, sad, low self esteem. Panic attacks when feeling angry & frustrated. Tired all the time, not looking forward to the day and forcing self out of bed. Also fear of dogs & emotional eating. Patient commented about how she felt that she couldn’t live a normal life after everything & accept all that has happened.


Per DASS 21 form at start of first session. Depression: Extremely Severe, Anxiety: Severe, Stress: Moderate. Patient described feelings above impacting all areas of her life i.e. school, socialising, emotional, activities, family.


The intervention used was typical TRTP protocol. This initially involved the completion of a homework task outlining the presenting problems and a future focus on how the patient ‘wanted to be”. The homework task was given before the first face to face session. The process next incorporated 3 sessions of hypnosis. The first two sessions were conducted a week apart and the 3rd session 2 weeks after the second session.

Outcomes of Treatment

Patient reports feeling much more positive towards life in many ways. Feeling much happier, has been socialising and being more active than before. Has more energy. Feeling much more confident, more organised and enthusiastic. Patient reported feeling lighter & freer. Has stopped emotional eating & not craving typical junk foods as in past. Has made plans to continue with healthy eating and activity & meeting needs in healthy ways. Feeling more independent & looking after self, regardless of other family members choices including parents. Patient happy that there is now a puppy in the house. Feeling positive and excited about the future, looking after herself and all that she has in her life. All desired outcomes achieved.

DASS 21 form at final session. Rating levels all normal for Depression, Anxiety and Stress.

The treatment was completed 1 week ago. Follow up planned for 3, 6 and 12 months after the completion of treatment.


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