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Case Study


Trish Dewberry

Female Mid 30’s Psychologically and Physical abused as a child, workplace bullied. Anxious, unassertive, stressed.

Introduction to Client

Client DS is a female in mid-30s, married with two children. She was raised in a household where psychological and physical abuse by her father was common, and as the eldest of three children, tended to attract the majority of the abuse. Her mother was submissive and failed to protect her. DS developed a pattern of avoiding conflict in relationships, and lacked assertiveness both in her personal life and professionally.

The Presenting Problem

Anxiety was the initial presenting issue. Always an anxious child this remained the case into adulthood. The level of anxiety had been becoming progressively worse since the birth of her first child – a difficult / traumatic birth caused severe and ongoing pelvic pain, resulting in social isolation for the first two years following the birth. Bullying at work was also an issue and DS sought help in being able to assert herself appropriately at work. She has recently been promoted and wanted help in overcoming the stress response that had prevented her from expressing her views and effectively managing the team that she leads.


Following the initial counselling session, classic TRTP was used. DS was assisted to achieve a deep state of hypnosis wherein she was able to safely address stressors and resolve some surface issues. Self-limiting beliefs were also addressed, with a view to replacing these with a renewed sense of empowerment and positive self-regard. In session 2, specific issues were addressed (bullying, parental abuse / neglect, and distress/guilt relating to childbirth), and in session 3 the sense of empowerment, self-control and calm assertiveness were each reinforced.

Outcomes of Treatment

Patient reports having a new and more positive approach to various stressors in her life. Her anger and resentment towards her parents have been resolved, and a sense of no longer needing to feel defensive is apparent. DS also finds herself remaining much calmer at work and is able to effectively assert herself in both group and one-to-one interactions. Particularly pleasing to this individual is that her new sense of calm and confidence has generated a more positive attitude within the home where her interactions with her husband and children are more respectful, playful and affectionate than previously. The sense of guilt associated with her physical difficulties post-natal, appears to have been resolved.

The treatment was completed 2 months ago. Follow up is planned for 6 months after the completion of treatment.

NB some demographic details have been changed to maintain confidentiality.


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