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Case Study


Simonne Lee

Female Mid 30’s OCD, Anxiety, Panic attacks, depression, symptoms indicating possible PTSD

Introduction to Client

Client is in mid 30’s, single and runs a successful PR Company. Client has OCD hair pulling out in one spot only of head. She has previously sought assistance with psychologists and also anti-depressants. Both have not resulted with any changes for hair pulling. When younger attended boarding school and was bullied, increasing her anxiety. A death of a close family relative (helicopter crash) in her 20’s started panic attacks and trust issues with intimate relationships.

The Presenting Problem

Client’s incessant worrying and people pleasing has affected her self-esteem and she is in constant battle with self-criticism. She is feeling scared to get into a relationship and increasing her business branding, leaving her feeling too exposed and vulnerable. Client mentioned that she searches for things to worry about which increases her hair pulling to bald spot. Panic attacks have kept her from entering a relationship and growing her brand. Waking up with feelings of not being good enough that last throughout the day.


Client showed symptoms in line with PTSD. Client acknowledged symptoms of anxiety / panic attacks / depression / OCD – hair pulling.


TRTP was only method used. TRTP protocol was applied. List of 10-12 stress events listed on Time Line from start of in womb to present. Addressed what changes she would like to move into and how that would be imagined seeing/feeling – experiencing. Three Face-to-Face sessions were completed over a three week period.

Outcomes of Treatment

After each session, client reported lightness and softness within her body. Client found session 2 very intense and yet strangely liberating at the same time.

Shifts were felt from session 1 and by session 3, client eagerly came for session with a sense of confidence not seen prior. Client acknowledged that waking up and feeling herself smile is a new experience for her and she is excited to be starting a new way of living life. She is no longer overwhelmed by her business and opportunities are being presented after session 1 completed. Has not had a panic attack since session 1 and anxiety reduced by 75% on a daily level.


Client is in a relationship now and has not experienced a panic attack since session 1. Has restructured and expanded her business (increasing packages and fees). Held her first PR event (180 people) launching new branding and what her company offers – SOLD OUT.

Has had no hair pulling since session 2 even through some big challenges and decisions being made. Relationship with friends is more on her terms and fair in her perspective.

Client is impressed with self and how much things have changed in 3 months – acknowledging accumulating confidence.


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